July 2, 2019

It’s Botox®️ and Filler- but Not as You Know It!

If you’ve been following my blogs or social media for a while, chances are you will have some knowledge of the aesthetics industry. Even if this is your first visit to my website (in which case- hello!), many people are now acutely aware of the benefits of Botox®️ or dermal fillers in gently and subtly sculpting the face and reducing the tell-tale signs of ageing. However, what you may not be aware of is innovative new uses of these tried and tested treatments, breathing new life and whipping up a flurry of media interest in these aesthetic clinic staples.

My Experience with Botox®️ and Filler

Recently, I celebrated hitting my mid-thirties. There are lots of benefits to growing older, however, I had noticed that as I was ageing, my face shape was altering slightly over time, and I was looking a little bit ‘pinched’ at the top- something I’m sure many other women my age can relate to! Contributing to my more mature look, my daily routine of tech-heavy activity, staring at screens and looking down at my phone had taken effect, leaving my neck feeling tight and stringy.

To address my concerns, I visited the fantastic and talented Dr Sophie Shotter, one of Allergan’s top KOLs, from the Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kings Hill, Kent for treatment. I would like to preface this by letting you know that this blog is not a direct paid promotion, and simply a summary of my own personal experiences that I was too excited not to share!

Creating a Youthful Look

During my thorough consultation, Dr Sophie explained the hallmarks of a youthful appearance. A youthful face is usually full and firm, characterised by round or convex temples that flow down through full cheeks and taper into a thinner jaw, forming the classic and desirable heart-shaped face. For this reason, the temples are vital to creating facial structure in the rest of the face, but are often neglected when it comes to aesthetic treatments. As we age, we naturally lose both bone and fat from “fat pads” in the face, and without the underlying support of these structures, the skin tends to sag, leading to hollowing in the cheeks, bags under the eyes, and hollwer temples. As everything begins to shift downwards, a sunken depression may form between the browns, the cheeks, and the hairline, exaggerating the bones around the eyebrows and eye sockets and making the temple area appear sunken and gaunt. Through this process, the structure provided by the temples is lost, as is the beautiful heart-shaped appearance, which is replaced by a squarer, less defined look. To correct this issue, Dr Sophie recommended trying dermal fillers to add volume to the temple area to help restore structure and create a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

The tight, stringy appearance I had been experiencing with my neck was a different matter entirely. Most of us have grown older dreading the appearance of the dreaded “turkey neck” or unsightly neck bands. However, in the digital age, a new complaint is becoming increasingly common. Dubbed the “tech neck”, concerns like my own are rising in prominence as so many of us are now causing strain to our necks by looking at screens for the majority of their days. To combat this, Dr Sophie suggested Botox®️ injections into the platysma muscle, which extends from the upper chest into the neck and under the jaw. Botox®️ can be used to relax this muscle and prevent it from pulling on the face for a more lifted look.

Treatment with Dr Sophie

I was relieved to find that during my treatment, no numbing cream was required. Due to the ultra-fine needles used by Dr Sophie, all injections were painless. The effects of dermal fillers in my temples provided an instant improvement, but was subtle enough to appear natural. It amazes me how such a small tweak can provide such an incredible effect, particularly in an area that is not traditionally known for dermal filler treatments! I experienced only a few small side effects, such as a slight stiffness in the temple area when I opened my jaw very wide, but this dissipated within a few days as the filler integrated into my skin.

The Botox®️ on my neck took about 10 days for the effects to take hold, to similarly wonderful results! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Sophie for allowing me to relax and enjoy my treatment in her highly skilled hands- I look forward to popping back in the coming months to keep my tech neck in check!

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